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Children's Dental Services in Vero Beach, FL

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Dental Partners of Vero Beach provides a wide range of pediatric dental services in Vero Beach, FL. Call 772-569-4118 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Here at Dental Partners of Vero Beach, we love taking care of your child’s dental needs. As dentists trained in early intervention, we specialize in monitoring teeth progression and overall growth and development. Our philosophy is treating our patients with Complete Care for Complete Health, and we start when our patients are infants and work with children into their teens and beyond. 

Oral Care and Dental Hygiene Begins with the First Tooth

Our child-friendly team works with children of all ages to instruct them on caring for and maintaining healthy teeth and mouth. In addition to brushing and flossing instructions, we offer an online Time To Brush Your Teeth musical video and a Tooth Brushing and Flossing Chart to be printed and used. Once completed, please have your child bring it in to receive a prize!

Dental Care and Overall Health and Wellness of Children at Dental Partners of Vero Beach

Our dental office prioritizes your child’s health and wellness. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your child during their visit. In addition to promoting good oral health through at-home brushing and flossing, we also provide a comprehensive oral examination. Depending on the child's age and cooperation, we offer a complimentary digital scan using our Vatech Green2 CBCT. This scan captures digital images of the patient’s head, neck, jaw, bones, sinuses, and nasal cavity. It also assesses the airway to identify potential issues affecting the child’s sleep patterns. Our Vatech Green2 CBCT is highly accurate and approved for children due to its minimal radiation exposure. The digital images from the scan enable us to detect issues that could lead to long-term health problems, growth and development delays, and sleep and airway dysfunction.

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