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Advanced Technology

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Digital 3D Cone Beam scanning for accuaracy and patient comfort is used at Dental Partners
Our state-of-the-art digital panoramic 3D imaging x-ray technology provides the highest quality, detailed imaging while providing comfort for our patients. This “green” ultra-low dose CT x-ray is not only ultra-low dose, but also FDA approved as being safe for our patients of all ages and provides the highest resolution images of the mouth, teeth, jaw, sinuses, and airway so we can develop a proper treatment plan for complete care.
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CEREC Technology

cerec machine

Primescan Scanner

prime scan

As a main component of our digital workflow for utilizing the CEREC unit, our Primescan technology captures precise 3D models of a patient’s teeth, and mouth. Impressions without discomfort that are easier, quicker, and more proficient.

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3D Printing Technology

3D Printer

3D printing technology adds another level to our digital workflow and our in-house services. With the assistance of our scanning technology the 3D printer allows us to create a variety of dental prosthetics including aligners and appliances, night guards, and models. All in-house as well as be able to share files with offsite laboratories if needed.

Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer/Rhinometer In Office Sleep Disordered Breathing Evaluation

SDB Assessment Photo
Our Eccovision Acoustic Pharyngometer/Rhinometer is a cutting-edge diagnostic technology system that measures the nasal and oral airways to determine levels of sleep-disordered breathing and airway issues. This state-of-the-art screening is completed in our office and takes approximately 10 seconds to perform. The Eccovision is also used when fabricating oral appliances to ensure optimal results.

Sleep Apnea Screening Home Sleep Studies

Alice_Nightone_SDB_Take Home Evaluation

An at-home sleep-disordered breathing screening may be recommended as part of our Sleep Disordered Breathing evaluation to determine whether a patient has sleep apnea. These ambulatory screening tools are take-home sleep diagnostic testing machines worn at night to evaluate a patient’s quality of sleep.

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ITERO® Digital Impression System

child patient

The Itero® is an intraoral scanner that captures 3D images of the inside of a patient’s mouth analyzing the structure of a teeth, gums and jaw. This information is used to fabricate oral appliances such as mouth guards and orthodontic systems.

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T-Scan™ Occlusal Analysis


Dental Partners of Vero Beach uses intraoral T-Scan™, digital impression technology to improve accuracy, performance, and comfort when analyzing a patient’s tooth and correct bite. When a patient receives dental work, we check to ensure their bite (or occlusion) is correct and comfortable.

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EzRay Portable Hand-Held X-Ray Unit


Our lightweight, portable digital X-Ray technology, Vatech’s EzRay Air P is a convenient X-ray device that allows our team to take X-ray photos that capture a high-resolution, accurate image, in less time than the traditional chairside x-ray equipment.

Comfort Dental Care, Nitrous Oxide and The Wand® 

Technology The Wand STA

As part of our commitment to providing our patients with more relaxing appointments, we offer Nitrous Oxide Anesthesia and The Wand STA. The Wand (Single Tooth Anesthesia System) is a computer assisted system for local anesthesia utilizing a pen-like delivering device that provides little to no discomfort when numbing a specific area for treatment. Nitrous Oxide is an inhaled sedation that is known as laughing gas.

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Laser Technology

Laser Home Photo

Dental Partners of Vero Beach offers laser dentistry using the most advanced systems available today.  Offering a variety of hard and soft tissue treatments, we utilize three types of laser equipment to allow our doctors to select the best technology for each procedure.  

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