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Studies indicate that a child’s facial and dental growth and development can be significantly impacted by the use of new treatments that work to provide proper nasal breathing, tongue position, and closed lips.

Early treatments such as Myobrace help adjust the position and shape of the teeth and jaws and offer the most effective results that can benefit both oral and overall health. 

Used before or during orthodontic treatment, Myobrace® removable dental trainers can be used from an early age to correct malocclusions that affect jaw formation or proper bite configuration and to address other orthodontic concerns that have developed from habits such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, and poor tongue positioning. 

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What to Watch for:

Tooth Alignment

  • 65% of children have malocclusion (an incorrect bite) caused by irregular teeth


  • When breathing, is your child’s mouth generally open or closed?
  • Does your child breathe through their mouth or their nose?
  • For correct nasal breathing, it is important that the lips are properly closed so that your child can breath easily through the nose.

Jaw growth

  • Does your child have an excessive overbite or underbite? Along with a deep bite, these issues may influence your child’s breathing and swallowing.


  • When your child swallows, does their chin purse or their lips move?
  • Does your child frequently choke or gag?

Oral Habits

  • Cheek or lip-biting
  • Grinding/Clenching of the teeth
  • Thumb, finger, or pacifier sucking

How Myobrace® Works

Working to develop the jaws, open the airway, and move teeth into proper alignment, the Myobrace® appliance is typically worn for 1-2 hours during the day and while sleeping, and can be used together with daily tongue and facial exercises to create new muscle memory patterns and correct myofunctional habits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Myobrace

Are Myobrace® appliances safe to use?
Myobrace® appliances are BPA free, made of medical grade silicone and are completely safe to use.
Is it painful to wear a Myobrace® appliance, and how long does Myobrace® treatment last?
Myobrace® patients should only experience very mild discomfort at the beginning of treatment, and with regular wear, it should subside quickly. The more the Myobrace® appliance is used, the shorter the treatment. We recommend that patients wear the trainer for 1-2 hours during the day and then while sleeping. While the average treatment time varies by patient, treatment generally lasts around 18 months.
Is a Myobrace® appliance easy to care for?
Caring for your Myobrace® appliance is simple and easy. Clean them every day with non-abrasive toothpaste, and then clean them with an over the counter denture or retainer cleaner once a week. Please store your appliance in it’s case when you are not using it. Please do not chew on your appliance and be sure to keep it away from pets!
Is Myobrace® Compatible with Traditional Orthodontics?
Absolutely! Myobrace® appliances can fit over traditional orthodontics to help correct myofunctional issues with the tongue, lips, or cheeks. Studies have also shown that Myobrace® can accelerate orthodontic treatment!
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