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Children's Cosmetic Dentistry in Vero Beach, FL

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We want all of our patients to be proud of their smiles, but sometimes accidents and other dental issues can make kids feel embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth. For this reason, we offer safe, gentle cosmetic dental treatments for children. These services include:


Bonding is a simple, quick cosmetic treatment that lasts for many years and can be used on both baby and adult teeth. While it can correct a wide range of imperfections, the most common way we use bonding when treating children is to fill in teeth that have chipped after a fall or injury. Bonding is a painless process that involves applying a tooth-colored material to the damaged tooth and carefully shaping it for a natural appearance.

Teeth Whitening

It’s common for children to experience stains and discoloration after taking certain medications or completing orthodontic treatment. We take a conservative approach to teeth whitening, typically reserving the treatment for our older patients and using a milder whitening agent that minimizes sensitivity.

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Invisalign® Teen

If your teen is looking for a straighter smile, but does not want to wear traditional braces, Invisalign® clear aligners could be the perfect fit! Invisalign® Teen offers a comfortable and affordable orthodontic solution without the look and feel of conventional orthodontic braces. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Cosmetic Dentistry

How can I whiten my child’s teeth?
Often the most effective way for younger children to achieve a whiter smile is to brush well and come to the dentist every six months for dental cleanings. Good oral hygiene goes a long way towards preventing stains. Over-the-counter whitening treatments can be too harsh for children and they’re not recommended for baby teeth, so please contact us with your concerns before attempting at-home whitening.
Why are my child’s adult teeth so yellow?
Adult teeth often appear yellow when they first erupt. This is normal and it’s not a sign of poor oral hygiene or any other dental problems. Over time, this will become less noticeable.
Is it safe for kids to whiten teeth?
While teeth whitening has no serious risks or side effects, it can cause tooth sensitivity and damage the enamel, particularly when over-the-counter whitening kits are used without guidance from a dentist. If your child has completed orthodontic treatment and all of their adult teeth have erupted, they may be a candidate for our in-office teeth whitening. This treatment is safe, effective, and performed right in our office.
How long does teeth bonding last?
The lifespan of dental bonding is usually between three to five years, but this depends on your child’s habits and the location of the tooth, as some teeth naturally receive more wear than others.
Can tooth bonding be replaced?
Yes, if your child’s bonding falls out or breaks, it can be replaced. Just like their initial dental bonding, replacing it is painless, simple, and takes only a single appointment.
What can dental bonding fix?
Although the most common use of dental bonding in children's dentistry is to correct chipped teeth, it can also be used to repair cracks, cover over discoloration, close gaps, and adjust the size of small or malformed teeth.
Does tooth bonding look natural?
Yes, bonding looks absolutely natural—no one will be able to look at your child’s smile and tell that they’ve had cosmetic bonding!
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