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My Child Chipped a Tooth, Now What?

September 8, 2021

Kids play around a lot. They are always running, jumping, skipping, hopping - anything but sitting still. And this is probably why they are so likely to take a tumble and fall. Most times, though, these kids may shed a slight tear before they are up and running once again. Scratches, bruises, and bumps are quite common for kids of all ages. Chipped teeth are, too. As they get a bit older and become involved in sports and munching on hard candies, chipped teeth become even more common. 

So, what should you do if your child has a chipped tooth? Should you leave it alone? Panic? Let’s talk about it. 

Chipped Tooth? Take a Deep Breath

A chipped tooth should always require the attention of a dental professional, but there is no need for you to panic. Remember, your behavior and the way you react will impact the way your child reacts, too. Besides - your child may not even realize the tooth is chipped!

Take a deep breath and call your dentist to schedule an appointment. Unless there is pain, this is not usually an extreme emergency, but the sooner your child can be seen by the dentist, the better. 

What You Can Do at Home

Until you can get in to see the dentist, you may feel a bit helpless. Is there anything you can do at home? Anything that will help save your child’s tooth? 

You can start by taking a look at and around the tooth. You will want to make sure there are no pieces or fragments in the gums, the lips, or even the tongue. Having your child rinse the mouth thoroughly will help to remove any pieces of the tooth that may still be hanging around. If you do find any pieces, especially large fragments, keep them in a safe moist place and take them with you to your appointment. Your child’s dentist may be able to reattach them. 

If bleeding is an issue, apply pressure to the area using moist gauze. This should help the bleeding stop after several minutes. And, just as a precaution, if there is any swelling - or to prevent any future swelling - apply a cold washcloth or a wrapped ice pack to the cheek area. Popsicles can help, too!

Pain isn’t always an issue with a broken tooth, but depending on how it happened, it very well could be. If your child is complaining that it hurts, an over-the-counter children’s pain reliever should help. 

Seeing the Dentist

When it is time for your child’s appointment, the dentist will do a thorough examination of the tooth and determine its severity as well as the best solution. Some small, minor chips only affect the enamel and won’t likely require much more than a filling/bonding. More serious chipped or broken teeth will require a little more work. 

If the tooth is chipped beyond the capabilities of a filling, a crown may be needed. This is a cap that is designed to go over the tooth and return its appearance and functionality to normal. Crowns are a bit more costly than a filling, but they look just like a natural tooth. 

One of the worst-case situations is when the root is exposed. Not only is it painful to your child, but it may require a root canal treatment to keep the tooth’s structure and prevent any further damage.

Get Help for Chipped Teeth at Dental Partners of Vero Beach

At Dental Partners of Vero Beach, we understand just how scary it can be when your child chips a tooth. Sometimes it can happen in minor instances, but others can be very traumatic. We want you to know that we offer complete dental care to ensure that your child’s smile remains bright and beautiful. 

If your child chips a tooth give us a call at 772-569-4118 to be seen as soon as possible. 

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