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What Type Of Dental Crowns Are Available For Children?

July 2, 2024
What Type Of Dental Crowns Are Available For Children?

A dental crown is a restorative option for a tooth that is damaged or decayed beyond what a filling can repair. It is a protective tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth to protect the existing enamel and root. 


Dental crowns are used for children’s teeth in many situations, both on primary and permanent (baby) teeth. The type of crown that is used may vary depending on several factors. Learn about the different types of crowns available for children and how and when they are used. 


Types of Crowns

There are a few types of crowns made of different materials: 

  • Porcelain. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is used frequently in dentistry because it resembles natural tooth enamel. It can be manufactured to match the existing teeth' color and the original tooth's shape for a natural appearance. 
  • Metal. Metal crowns are typically made of stainless steel. They are strong and durable, able to withstand the brunt of the chewing force. 
  • Porcelain fused to metal. These crowns combine the natural appearance of porcelain with the strength of metal for a quality restoration. 
  • Composite. A crown made of composite resin looks like a natural tooth but is not as high-quality as a porcelain or metal crown. It is also more prone to chipping and staining. 
  • Zirconia. Zirconia is a strong metal that provides the bite strength of a natural tooth. Although metal, it is made to look like a natural tooth in color and shine. 


Which Type of Crown is Best for My Child?

The type of crown that is recommended for your child will depend mainly on the following factors: 

  • Location of the tooth. A tooth that is highly visible in the front of the mouth will need a crown that looks natural, such as porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, composite, or zirconia. A tooth in the back of the mouth may be best fitted with a metal crown because it is not highly visible, and metal crowns can withstand the chewing force of the back teeth. 
  • Type of tooth. A molar in the back of the mouth will need a strong crown to hold up under the force of chewing and grinding food. Metal crowns are more often placed over molars for this purpose. 
  • Primary vs. permanent tooth. A primary tooth will eventually fall out, meaning the crown is only temporary. Metal (stainless steel) crowns cost less than other types of crowns for teeth that will not be in place permanently. A permanent tooth will need a crown that will last and look natural in the long run. 


Is it Worth Putting a Crown on a Primary Tooth?

A common question is whether it is worth restoring a baby tooth with a crown when it will just fall out. Unfortunately, the alternatives are not as favorable. Extracting the tooth leaves a gap where the tooth was. If the permanent tooth is not ready yet, the other teeth may shift into the gap and block the tooth from coming in properly. Leaving a severely damaged tooth in place could cause the tooth to decay further until it causes pain. We always recommend restoring a tooth whenever possible, even if it is a primary tooth. 


Dental Partners of Vero Beach Provides Crowns for Children

At Dental Partners of Vero Beach, we believe in restoring the natural teeth so they can remain in place for optimal dental function and aesthetics. This is why we provide dental crowns for children, whether they need temporary or permanent restorations. 


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