Why Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

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What Is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

We use dental bonding to correct minor cosmetic imperfections like chips, cracks, fractures, and gaps between teeth. Bonding involves applying a safe, BPA-free plastic directly to the affected tooth and using a special light to harden (or bond) it in place. This same tooth-colored resin bonding material can also be used to provide an aesthetic filling for cavities. Bonding is an affordable way to make a dramatic difference in your smile.

How Does Cosmetic Dental Bonding Work?

Cosmetic dental bonding is a simple procedure that only requires a single visit to our office. The work is done on the surface layer of your teeth, so there’s no discomfort involved. The first step in the cosmetic bonding process is to clean the tooth and prepare it for treatment. Next, we select a shade of resin that blends in perfectly with the rest of your smile for a natural appearance. The resin is then attached, molded, and sculpted layer by layer with exacting detail before we harden the material. Once hardened, we may make some refinements before polishing your tooth as the finishing touch.

After your appointment, you’ll need to take care not to stain the resin bonding material. Although it will be fully hardened by the time you leave our office, it is more susceptible to stains in the first few hours after treatment. Avoid smoking and drinking coffee, tea, or red wine during this time. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dental Bonding

How much is cosmetic dental bonding?

The cost of cosmetic dental bonding in Vero Beach depends on what type of issue is being corrected, but it generally ranges between $200 to $600 per tooth. When dental bonding is being used as a filling for a cavity, the cost is usually covered by dental insurance.

Is bonding bad for your teeth?

No, bonding isn’t bad for your teeth—because the overall structure of your tooth remains intact with dental bonding, the health of your tooth isn’t compromised at all. Bonding can even be used to add another layer of strength or protection to a tooth, as when thinning enamel causes tooth sensitivity.

Can you bond a tooth in one visit?

Yes, unlike dental veneers and implants, the entire cosmetic bonding process is finished in a single visit to our office.

Can dental bonding whiten teeth?

Bonding is often used to correct tooth discoloration, particularly when teeth whitening treatments aren’t an option. For example, a “dead” tooth that is gray or brown can be covered over with bonding to match the rest of your smile.

Is bonding cheaper than veneers?

Yes, bonding is more affordable than veneers. Keep in mind, though, that veneers last much longer than cosmetic bonding. There are pros and cons to each treatment option; we’ll help walk you through the decision when you come in for a consultation so you can decide which solution is best for your needs and your budget.


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