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We offer a full range of periodontal care at our practice. Our doctors take a conservative approach, recommending non-invasive treatments for gum disease whenever possible and only using surgical treatments when absolutely necessary. By limiting surgery, we can protect the overall tissue quality in a patient’s mouth, which helps ensure long-term oral health. Our gentle care and state-of-the-art technology mean your visits to our office for periodontal care in Vero Beach will be painless and anxiety-free.

Our services include:


Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is one of the first lines of defense against gum disease. This non-surgical treatment option is highly effective, often reversing gum disease completely when performed in its earliest stages. The procedure involves cleaning the teeth below the gum line, then smoothing the roots to encourage the gums to reattach, eliminating the periodontal pockets where bacteria and food debris collect.



Arestin is an antibiotic often used in conjunction with scaling and root planing. When placed into infected gum pockets, Arestin eliminates any remaining bacterial infection to help the gums heal after periodontitis treatment.



When periodontal pockets are deep or scaling and root planing has not proven successful, a gingivectomy may be needed. During this procedure, loose and diseased gum tissue is removed and reshaped to close the pockets that harbor disease-causing bacteria.


Gum Contouring and Reshaping

Gum contouring and reshaping improves the appearance of your gums. If you have a “gummy smile,” gum contouring can create more balance between your teeth and gums; if you have gum recession, the procedure restores gum tissue to rejuvenate your smile. 


Periodontal Cleaning

Once you’ve been treated for gum disease, you’ll need to come to our office regularly for periodontal cleaning. Also known as periodontal maintenance, this procedure is similar to a dental cleaning, but it targets the tartar that causes gum disease.


Periodontal Splinting

One consequence of gum disease is loose or shifting teeth. Periodontal splinting is a treatment that secures loose teeth until the gums reattach to anchor them in place. Periodontal splints are also used after dental trauma.


Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontal Treatment


What does gum disease look like?

The visual signs of early gum disease are gums that are red, swollen, and bleed easily. As gum disease progresses, you may also start to notice that your gums are pulling away from your teeth and receding.

What is the best treatment for gum disease?

Every patient is different and has their own unique needs. The treatment we choose depends upon the severity of your gum disease, but scaling and root planing is often our first choice because it is effective and only minimally-invasive.

Can your gums grow back after gum disease?

Unfortunately, gums do not grow back after gum disease. With gum contouring and reshaping, we can use gum grafts to restore gums that have receded.

Do gums reattach after deep cleaning?

Yes, gums do often reattach after deep cleaning (scaling and root planing), but not always. 

How do you fix gum recession?

Gum recession can be restored with gum grafts, which involve taking tissue from other parts of the mouth and attaching it to areas where recession has occurred.

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