Dental Technologies At Dental Partners of Vero Beach

At Dental Partners of Vero Beach, we strongly believe our patients are entitled to the most comfortable, safe, and effective treatments available today. Whether you’re visiting us for a dental cleaning, examination, or one of our many other dental services, we will use the latest in dental technology to help ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Our dental professionals are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in patient care and satisfaction.

Technologies At Dental Partners of Vero Beach

  • Cerec Machine  dental crowns are an integral part of many of the restorative treatments…learn more
  • Cone Beam 3D Imaging creates a 3D view and cross-sections of the target area… learn more
  • Dexis Carivu™ is a portable device that detects any cracks and lesions resulting from decay… learn more
  • Digital X-rays are one of the most important new advances in our office. We are not only… learn more
  • Intraoral Camera Technology is a small, pen-like device with a camera on the end… learn more
  • The Wand® is a pen-like device connected to a computer. Before the needle even… learn more
  • Ultrasonics are instruments that use sonic energy to clean debris, remove posts… learn more

Cutting-Edge Dental Treatment At Dental Partners of Vero Beach

At Dental Partners of Vero Beach, we are passionate about our patients. We are uncompromising in our technology, your comfort, and in the quality of our work. Whether your dental needs are simple or complex, our doctors are qualified and our experienced team is here to make sure you feel safe. Come and enjoy dental care at a Vero Beach dental office unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Here at Dental Partners of Vero Beach, we’re excited to have these technologies in our office. If you have any questions about our technologies, don’t hesitate to ask. Bring it up in your next visit or call us at (772) 569-4118.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Technology

Are CEREC crowns better?

Yes, we offer CEREC crowns because we believe in most cases, they are superior to traditional crowns. CEREC crowns are more convenient for patients—instead of requiring two visits to our office, your tooth is prepared and your crown is placed on the same day. This also eliminates the need for a temporary crown, which can potentially damage your teeth and leave the crowned tooth susceptible to decay. For patients with severe teeth grinding habits, we recommend traditional gold or metal alloy crowns, but in all other situations, CEREC crowns are ideal.


How long do CEREC crowns last?

The average CEREC crown lasts 10-15 years, but with proper care and maintenance, they can last for decades. CEREC crowns are made with strong, durable material that stands the test of time.


What is cone beam 3D imaging used for?

Cone beam 3D imaging is a more advanced alternative to traditional two-dimensional x-rays. They allow us to see your teeth, bone, soft tissues, and nerve pathways more clearly and view them at any angle for improved diagnosis and treatment planning. 


Why are digital x-rays better?

Unlike traditional x-rays that need to be developed, digital x-rays can be viewed on our monitors immediately after an image is taken, then enhanced and enlarged as needed. This means diagnosis is faster and easier. Digital x-rays are stored on our servers, so we can easily pull them up during future appointments and they can be sent to other doctors more easily than physical x-rays. Digital x-rays also allow our practice to be a little bit greener by eliminating the need for developing film.


Are digital x-rays safe?

Yes, digital x-rays are safe. While any x-ray will involve some amount of radiation exposure, digital x-rays produce about 80% less radiation than a traditional x-ray. When used in moderation, the benefits of dental x-rays outweigh the risks.


What are intraoral cameras used for?

Intraoral cameras are an imaging tool that not only helps us provide diagnoses, they also allow our patients to see their teeth up close during their exams. With this technology, you can see cracked teeth, areas of decay, defective fillings, early stage gum disease, and tartar buildup, helping you understand the condition of your teeth and gums and the need for treatment.


Does laser gum treatment work?

Yes, according to the American Academy of Periodontology, laser treatment is as effective as traditional gum disease treatment. Periodontal laser therapy is also less painful than conventional treatment; your recovery time will be shorter and more comfortable as well because there is no cutting or stitches involved in the procedure.