T-San™ Digital Impression Technology at Dental Partners of Vero Beach

Dental Partners of Vero Beach uses an intraoral T-San™, digital impression technology to improve accuracy, performance, and comfort when analyzing a patient’s tooth and correct bite. When a patient receives dental work, we check to make sure that their bite (or occlusion) is correct and comfortable. In the past, this step of the process was biting a piece of articulating paper that would show spots that need to be reshaped. 


Dental Partners of Vero Beach is proud to offer an improved experience! The T-San™ is a digital device that accurately measures the location and amount of reshaping and precise adjustments that need to be done to achieve optimal bite comfort. 


By using the intraoral T-San™ we apply one of the finest restoration technologies in our office making our patients’ dental visits less time-consuming and more pleasant.