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What Is Mercury Free Dentistry?

May 25, 2022

There was once a time when a brief smile could give you an idea of just how much dental work someone had done – thanks to the shiny silver in their mouth. We saw these metal fillings as a great solution to seal up a tooth with a cavity without ever giving a second thought. It has been that way for well over a century.


Today, it is a different story. We have learned in more recent years that those silver fillings contain a level of mercury that could actually lead to harmful side effects for the body. So, what did we do? We found a better, mercury-free, way. 


Mercury Free Dentistry


Mercury-free dentistry involves using composite fillings for tooth decay. This method is healthier and actually looks more aesthetically pleasing. Rather than having a silver filling that stands out, composite fillings blend in with the teeth. 


What’s wrong with the traditional amalgam fillings? One word: mercury. 


Fillings completed with amalgam contain a decent amount of mercury – at least 50%! It is often mixed with other metals because it is very pliable, yet strong enough to handle a bite force. 


Mercury, at toxic levels, has been known to cause behavioral changes, muscular weakness, nerve distortion, vision loss – even kidney and respiratory failure. It’s even been proven to impact developing fetuses. While we can still come in contact with mercury in things like soil, water, and the air, removing it from the mouth is a great place to start. 


Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry


Choosing to use dental treatments that are free from mercury – or having your amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a healthier alternative – can have great benefits to you and your health. 


Mercury-free fillings are:


  • Less damaging. Unlike amalgam fillings that cause damage to healthy tooth tissues and structure, composite fillings help to strengthen the tooth as well as preserve its structure. 
  • Better for the environment. Just as mercury is damaging and harmful to you and your body, it is to the environment as well. By not using it and properly disposing of it, you are taking a positive step for the environment. 
  • Long-lasting. Composite fillings are strong and long-lasting, even lasting longer than amalgam fillings, on average. 
  • Effective. This alternative solution can prevent cavities (unlike mercury) and can even minimize future diseases that so often present themselves with long-term exposure to mercury.
  • Easy to repair. While they last longer and don’t often require repair, when they do, composite fillings can be repaired easily – not usually requiring a total replacement of the filling. 


Simply put, alternative, mercury-free solutions are much safer. They reduce any chance of harm you may face with dental work. And that’s the best benefit at all. 


Mercury Free Dentistry at Dental Partners of Vero Beach


At Dental Partners of Vero Beach we care about our patients. That’s why we always look for the most effective and advanced procedures and the most beneficial technology to enhance your experience. It is also the reason we practice mercury-free dentistry. 

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 772-569-4118.

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