Are you looking for a dentist for your children in Vero Beach, Florida? Whether you’re new to the area, need a change, or your baby is just now ready for their first dental visit, you may be wondering how to find a qualified pediatric dentist in your area.


You want your child to get the right start when it comes to their dental health. Early experiences at the dentist set the tone for the way your child will feel about going to the dentist now and in the future. A qualified pediatric dentist will help your child feel at ease and even enjoy the experience. Here’s how to find the right dentist for your child.


Ask for Recommendations

Word of mouth is still one of the best methods of advertising. Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers, parents you meet at daycare or school, and anyone else you know who has children for recommendations. Ask them what they like about the dental office and what their kids like about it. Gather a list of a few dental practices to start with and then narrow them down with the following criteria.


Education and Credentials

Verify the dentist’s education and credentials. This information is usually readily available on the dentist’s website, but you can request it from the office directly by calling or emailing them. You can also verify a dentist’s license online through the state where they practice. It’s easy to assume that if a dental practice has been in business for at least a few years that they are probably qualified, but it is better to be sure.


Affiliations with Professional Organizations

When researching a dental practice’s website, look for evidence that the dentist is affiliated with or has active membership with professional organizations such as the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. There are many other professional dental organizations that pertain to specific types of dentistry. A dentist who takes the time to establish and maintain these affiliations and memberships shows initiative and a dedication to their field.


Kid-Friendly Environment

Whether you look on the website or visit in person, look for a kid-friendly environment. Children are less likely to be nervous when the atmosphere is fun and inviting. Equipment should be kid-sized for comfort. There should be options for entertainment to help children relax during their cleanings and procedures. Most pediatric dental offices even provide incentive programs for kids to help encourage good oral hygiene habits, such as rewards for no cavities.


Experience Working with Kids

Look for a pediatric dental office that has been in business for a significant number of years. The more experience a dentist has with treating children, the more equipped they are to work with any child that comes into the office. An experienced pediatric dental team knows how to talk to children of all ages to help them feel comfortable and willing to cooperate with all aspects of a dental appointment.


Special Needs Qualifications

If you have a child with special needs, you need a pediatric dentist who is qualified to work with children with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. Not all pediatric dentists have the necessary qualifications and experience to accommodate children with special needs, so it is important to ask questions before scheduling an appointment. Explain your child’s needs and schedule a meet and greet consultation before the first cleaning to help your child feel more comfortable and to discuss the specific accommodations they will need with the dental team.


Dental Buddies of Vero Beach Provide Quality Pediatric Dentistry Services

If you’re looking for a qualified pediatric dentist in your area, Dental Buddies of Vero Beach meets all of the above criteria and much more. Our dentists are highly educated, well qualified, and have extensive experience working with children of all ages and abilities. The entire staff at Dental Buddies of Vero Beach have a passion for working with children and their parents.

Call 772-226-6888  or contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping your child get the right start for a lifetime of dental health.